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About Us

We are based locally in Winnipeg. Our journey began in 2016 when we were looking for a great baby gift for our new born nephew. We wanted to give something meaningful and from the heart but different from other products. We also wanted to find something that could be used everyday and a personalized baby blanket was the perfect match.

Our first blanket we ordered took 6-8 weeks to get to us and the quality was not great. After our son Rian was born we were even more motivated to start working in this industry. From this point we knew that we wanted to create our own business focusing on high quality products with longevity, and durability for every day usage. We also wanted to have our product delivered within 10 days from the time it was ordered. The name Rian means “little king”, so the idea behind our name is the Little King’s Reign.

Our goal to the customer is to provide a great quality product delivered to your doorstep for your little ones in a timely matter. Our blankets are designed to be a fashion statement for both the babies and their mothers.

From our story you can tell we love children and like to give back any way we can. We take a portion of the profits from each product (as shown on each product’s page) and make a donation to each: World Vision, the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba and Siloam Mission.